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A team of dedicated creators, Goats Gruff is an indie tabletop company out to change the face of fantasy worlds.

Formally founded in 2014, our roots dig back to 2012, when a trio of friends joined to create a new fantasy setting, Waracle. While fans of RPGs and fantasy settings, we felt the genre had gone a bit stale, too afraid to leave its comfort zone of medieval Europe inspired settings. Inspired by the originality and charm of settings such as the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, we set out to build a fantasy game with less explored influences and themes. With our debut game in late beta playtesting stage, we are committed to offering new and exciting tabletop gaming experiences to newcomers and veterans alike.

What makes us special —


We are geeks of many backgrounds and talents: our interests range from animation nerds to historical weaponry specialists. Our fandoms and passion inspire and illuminate our games.



Out of our diverse interests, our team collaborates to bring multiple perspectives and influences to our work. This supportive environment brings out the best in our crew and games.


All are welcome to our sandboxes, and improving diversity in media is a cornerstone of our company. No matter who or what you are, we want you to see yourself in our games and be the best hero you can be.

Our Games —

Explore new worlds and create endless adventures with our Classless system. A flexible, options oriented rules mechanic system that is the foundation of our games. With our premiere setting, Waracle, you can use Classless to explore ancient civilizations in their heyday and venture into the far reaches of an untamed world.


Latest News —

Stay informed on the most recent announcements.

Site Overhaul

Site Overhaul

We've been hard at work at Waracle, which is entering its final beta stage. As we come into the final running for the game and prepare for crowdfunding and promotion, we decided it was time for the sites to have an overhaul as well. Today is the launch of the new GGG...

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Waracle Public Beta is Live!

Waracle Public Beta is Live!

Waracle is now in public beta! What does this mean? It means the game is now polished enough that you can get your hands on the game and give it a whirl! Check out Waracle’s website for more information.

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