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Our Founding

Formally founded in 2014, our roots dig back to 2012, when a trio of friends joined to create a new fantasy setting, Waracle. While fans of RPGs and fantasy settings, we felt the genre had gone a bit stale, too afraid to leave its comfort zone of medieval Europe inspired settings. Inspired by the originality and charm of settings such as the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, we set out to build a fantasy game with less explored influences and themes. With our debut game in late beta playtesting stage, we are committed to offering new and exciting tabletop gaming experiences to newcomers and veterans alike.

Our Team

Briana Higgins

Founder & President
Founder of Goats Gruff Games, Briana guides the company with her passion for fantasy, games, and world building. She also brings her experience as a graphic designer, illustrator and creative director to the table. Prior to Waracle, she crafted a detailed world for her comic, Rune Master, which was rated 10/10 in Game Fodder Potential by Knights of the Dinner Table. An experienced comic artist, her work has been featured at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum and she lettered the first seven issues of Hero Cats.

Emily Wynn

Art Director
Serving as Goats Gruff Games’ Senior Artist, Emily cheerfully draws terrible monsters and adorable critters alike. An alum of Armstrong Atlantic State University (now Georgia Southern), Emily met Briana in college where they both studied Fine Arts. She has brought her love of mythology and unusual animals to populate Waracle’s world with deadly and interesting creatures.

Sarah Brass

Senior Designer
Sarah “Zookie” Brass has spent most of her life making up stuff up off the top of her head and applying her trademark snark to Goats Gruff Games. She teamed up along with best friend Emily to work with Briana to create the world of Waracle, acting as Senior Designer and co-writer.

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An ancient, low magic fantasy setting, Waracle is Goats Gruff Games’ premiere project. Its official website can be found at